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If you want elite service for your luxurious BMW model, don’t settle for less than the BMW-certified service center at our Santa Monica car dealership. Typical mechanics may not know the particular ins and outs of your BMW luxury car. So, when it comes time for BMW service, it’s best to come to the experts.

Our BMW-certified service team is trained to know everything about servicing every BMW model, past and present. We will provide you with excellent auto repair service while maintaining a high level of customer service that our guests have come to expect.

We offer more than just high-quality car repair service. If you need routine maintenance such as oil change service, we can take care of that with expertise as well. For fantastic BMW service, Santa Monica drivers should visit us today.

Reach Out To Us For More Information

Browsing our website makes it easy to find out more about our services. You can learn more about the benefits of receiving oil change service, and you can browse through the service specials that we offer at our BMW dealership. If you have any specific questions, we encourage you to call us at 310-526-0375. When it’s time for your next service appointment, you can either schedule it on our website or call our service number.

Santa Monica BMW is conveniently located at 1127 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401. In addition to an excellent variety of luxury vehicles sold at our dealership, we give you reliable service. Trust our full-service BMW dealership for all of your automotive needs, and visit Santa Monica BMW today.

BMW Auto Repair at your local BMW Dealer in Santa Monica, CA

Trust Your Auto Repair Service To Our Expert Technicians

The service center at our BMW dealership is more than capable of handling your car repair service needs. When you visit Santa Monica BMW, our technicians will consult you before doing any significant repairs to ensure that you agree with our course of action. Because we know your BMW vehicle inside and out, you can trust that nothing will be overlooked. Additionally, our expert technicians have the know-how to work on cars from every other major manufacturer, so we’d be happy to take a look at any of your family’s other vehicles as well.

We recommend you come see us immediately for car repair service if you experience any warning signs that a part may be failing on your vehicle. Our service specialists will make the necessary repairs to your BMW vehicle as quickly as possible. Visit our Santa Monica car dealership at Santa Monica BMW for trusted auto repair service.

BMW Oil Change Service at your preferred BMW Dealership in Santa Monica, CA

Quick Oil Changes At Our Service Center

Oil change service is one of the most common types of routine maintenance we offer at our BMW dealership.

We have a range of synthetic and conventional oils to use for your oil change service at Santa Monica BMW. Most newer BMW models, such as the 2019 BMW X5, require fully synthetic oil. However, you won’t have to stress over which type of oil you’ll need for your car. Our service experts will complete your oil change swiftly by swapping out your old oil filter with a new one and using the recommended oil for your particular model. For excellent oil change service, visit our Santa Monica car dealership today.

Santa Monica BMW Has Certified Service Technicians

You can rest assured that any service you receive at our dealership is done by our BMW-certified service technicians. Our service department is not only extremely competent but quite friendly as well. Our technicians have received training and certification from BMW as well as other third-party organizations, so we’re well equipped to solve any issue that you bring to us. Visit us for reputable service today.

BMW Brake Service at your local BMW Dealer in Santa Monica, CA

Excellent Brake Service

Our BMW dealership is the premier destination for brake service. We can replace the brake pads on your vehicle in addition to changing the brake fluid. To ensure your safety on the road, our service specialists will then test your brakes to see if they are functioning properly. For elite brake service near Los Angeles, visit Santa Monica BMW.

BMW Battery Service and Replacement at your preferred BMW Dealership in Santa Monica, CA

High-Quality Battery Service

When your battery is drained, trust the experts at Santa Monica BMW to get you back on the road again. We will assist you in locating and installing a new battery for your vehicle. Our service department is also perfectly capable of completing necessary repairs to your battery, as well.

If you’re not sure if your car needs a new battery, we’d be happy to test your current battery, too. For amazing BMW service, Santa Monica drivers should come into Santa Monica BMW today.

BMW Tire Service and Replacement at your local BMW Dealer in Santa Monica, CA

Our Service Center Provides Outstanding Tire Service

Tire rotation is crucial to getting the most out of your tires. It helps keep your tire wear even, thus extending the life of each individual tire. At Santa Monica BMW, we’ll help you schedule your tire rotation service when it is needed, and when it comes time to get new tires, we can help you with that as well.

If your car receives damage to your tire and you’re not ready to buy a new set, our certified service technicians may also be able to patch the damaged areas.

When it comes time for tire service or tire replacement, stop by our BMW dealership – Santa Monica BMW.

IBMW Wheel and Tire Alignment Service at your preferred BMW Dealership in Santa Monica, CA

Get The Most Out Of Your Drive With Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment is an often-overlooked service, but it can be crucial to making sure that your beloved BMW is always driving at peak performance. When you come in for this service, we will make sure your wheels are perfectly aligned, just as they were when your vehicle was brand new.

Santa Monica BMW is your preferred dealership for superior service. We hope you visit us today for any service you might require.

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